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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

No more ugly!

Since Chris and I moved in we have both loathed the peach faux-finish dining room. It is the first room you see in the house and one of the last that we have gotten around to updating. There is still some of the lovely painting that someone obviously worked WAY too hard on left in the kitchen, so our loathing is not quite a part of our past. Mom and dad came up on Sunday and we worked from 10am to 10 pm painting, putting in 7 lights in the ceiling, and putting up our early-Christmas-present-ceiling-fan/light. It looks unbelievable and puts our outdated kitchen to shame. That may be in for a minor updating relatively soon before we redo it all together when we fall into some major $$. Donations are gladly excepted :)

Here are a few pre pictures so you can appreciate the transformation (ewwwww):

And now...


Chris said...

Looks even better in person babe! Good job picking out the color. Now all in blog world can know the truth, our dining room is MONOCOG green :p


Cellarrat said...

Thats one awsome looking dinning room..

Some time i'll have to cook for you and chris =)

Dave Roberts said...

Your dining room looks great. I'll send a donation as soon as our new deck is paid off.

Dave Roberts
Ceci's Husband

Becky said...

Oh my goodness, the kitchen is amazing!! I can't believe how incredible it looks. You guys did a great job.