Words to live by...

"A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others." ~Author Unknown

"A good wife is her husband's biggest fan -- no matter how crazy he is." ~Me

"May God give you.. For every storm a rainbow, for every tear a smile, for every care a promise and a blessing in each trial. For every problem life sends, a faithful friend to share, for every sigh a sweet song and an answer for each prayer." ~ Irish Blessing

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Stupid dentist...

Not sure what I hate worse, being in pain, or paying $460 to be in pain. I'm impressed with the technology advances over the past two years in the dentistry business. Some very cool stuff that our nice, new dentist was willing to show off. I'm baffled that they can make these awesome digital x-rays that immediately show up on a laptop screen and can blow up as big as they want, yet they still have to use the crappy technology of that hard square thing being shoved into your mouth to get them. No cavities, just losing bone in my jaw so they had to pump it full of some crap to stop that. I am so freaking sick of being in pain and paying for other people to make it worse before it gets better. I guess this is what happens when you're an "adult". Can I go back to being a kid? Little Critter looks so happy to be at the dentist because a) he is going to get some sweet prize at the end or b) his mommy is paying the bill or c) his dentist is some goofy looking bunny and there's a frog on the floor or d) all of the above. Hmmm...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Went to the Dr for visit #2 yesterday -- went well. More popping and cracking and not-so-subtle jabs at my lack of butt muscles. Whatever he's been doing seems to work, my back is slowly getting better and I'm not in constant pain like before. I asked him if riding my bike would further injure my back... and as soon as he said no, I got excited to get back to being slightly active. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE laying around on the couch doing nothing just as much as the next girl, but when you HAVE to do it, it sucks. So...

Tonight I hopped on the road bike that's been taunting me on the trainer for the last two weeks and rode for an hour. We watched "Super Size Me" which quickly motivated me to ride an hour instead of my previously scheduled 20 minutes. I'm not a fan of McDonalds (it must be 10 years since my last McDonalds) but I enjoy the occasional Wendys. The movie was great, finally a movie that lived up to the hype. Very entertaining and enjoyable. Especially as I rode the trainer next to Chris on the rollers. Makes you feel like a very fit and skinny person. Score. No back pain during or after the ride -- I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Except...

It's freaking cold outside and currently snowing fairly hard (even though Chris scoffs at calling this a "storm"). I'm secretly doing my snow dance, but am not getting my hopes up. Some people hope for snow for the skiing. Others hope for snow for the beauty. I hope for snow for a snowday just as I have done for the past 19 years. Unfortunately, living in Colorado makes the "big wigs" resist EVER giving a snow day, as I've only had maybe 2 in my entire life. In conclusion...

I am not looking forward to scraping off the car in the morning (Scott -- that jab is intended for you, not because I really care, but mostly because I'm jealous that I'm not heading off to Hawaii). So cold in the mornings :( Especially with no mittens because Turbo ate one :( Want to send me to Hawaii yet? Damn. Can't say I didn't try...

[anyone notice that we were talking about transitions in writing today? Yes, I'm that cool]

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I am thankful for...

- Sweet, wonderful hubby who is still moving around fairly well (ah-hem) considering he's ridden 5 zillion miles on his bike in the past year

- Adorable dog who thinks he's a human and sleeps next to me with his head on Chris's pillow

- My family who, despite their moments of pure insanity, are still always good for a stomach cramping laugh at the dinner table

- My house and everything in it (especially my cool new bike even though I haven't been able to ride it in a few weeks)

- 600 mg Ibuprofin and some muscle relaxant with a big name -- they make my day a little less painful

- My wonderful friends who, despite their tendency to be flaky once in a while, are the best at challenging me to make it through a bike ride without crying or are good for teacher-time that generally includes all of the following in one shape or form: wine, avocado, and chocoalte

- My sweet little kids at work, they've faced more in their 5 or 6 years than I've faced in my 24 and yet they always smile and giggle and think farts are hillarious

- My tasty pumpkin pie that mom made just for us to take home -- complete with spray whipped cream and everything

- My knitting. It's fun and productive and I've made some good friends doing it.

- My health -- things could be much worse

- Everyone that leaves comments on my blog and makes me feel loved :)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy Feet!

Friday night we went and saw Happy Feet. So cute! I've officially decided that I now want a pet penguin...

Open Letter to the lady at the Happy Feet movie on Friday night:

You look like a very nice lady. I'm happy that you were out taking your three teenage daughters to a movie. It's nice that they consider you cool enough to go to a movie with on a Friday night; however, I have a bone to pick with you...

Happy Feet is a PG movie and we went to the 9:30 showing. Needless to say, by the time you came in around 9:00, the theater was virtually empty. My husband and I had choosen some seats in the front half of the theater because he's gimpy and can't walk up and down stairs so good at the moment. The theater must have a capacity of 300 people or so. There must have been roughly 30 people in the theater at the time that you and your three lovely daughters got there.

All sounds great, right?

Here's my beef: Chris and I were enjoying our smuggled outside food when you decided to come sit RIGHT next to me. Not one seat away like any normal human being with a sense of personal space would, but instead, right next to me. You cozied up, stole the arm rest, and decided this was your place in the theater. Wait. I'm confused... with 250 seats open (and this is being conservative) you had to sit right next to me. What was the deal? Chris and I found it hillarious because everytime we go to the movies, someone decides to sit very close to us or right in front of us, despite the numerous other empty seats in the theater.

I understand that if the movies are packed, it's ok and totally necessary to sit directly next to someone. In that case, I welcome you to sit next to me. I'm a fairly passive person and will even allow you to hog our shared arm rest. I won't elbow you in the head until you pass out and then take your tasty $5 M&Ms while stealing the arm rest back -- I understand the dangers in the world, I am a good person to sit next to. I'm pretty decent looking, I don't usually smell bad when I go to the movies, I'm skinny and don't spill over into your seat. I'm cool. I understand. I appreciate your kindness -- however, if there are 250 seats in a theater, you don't sit right next to someone. Leave that one seat for personal space. Please. I'm sorry if I was rude when Chris and I slyly scoot over a seat as the theater got dark -- you just creeped me out.

Next time you go to movie, please just assume the person you are going to sit RIGHT next to is going to smell or fart or snore or do something else annoying. Give yourself and the other person a break and make some room.

Thank you.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Back is freaking killing me.
Pukes number 6 and 7 on the year in my class and it's only November.
Need to talk husband into taking up something like painting.
Exhausted but can't sleep.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A comment on "Kick It"

This was a comment I typed up in response to Chris's "Kick It" blog and his dad's subsequent comment/letter to me... I typed it up and realized that's a really long comment. So I spun it off into my own blog. Woohoo!

Chris, you are talented. I trust you in these crazy races. Although I, and the rest of your family, don't get whole-heartedly psyched about sending you out into the abyss of races that you want to do... we do all believe in you. I will always be here when you get back and I will always do my best to not cry hysterically every time you think of a fun new one to try. You have an adventurous personality, and I love that about you. I see you research on the internet ALL THE TIME on ways to keep yourself safe and healthy on the races that you always promise me are "not this year!" We wouldn't be your family if we didn't try to discourage you from anything that might harm you. I, for one, would love to get one of those little kid leashes and stick it on you and carry you around with me at all times and call you my squishy. That would be schweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Unfortunately you're an adult sized human being and they don't make those yet. I guess I could always try Turbo's shock collar though!

Todd, I have to remind you that you took credit for his craziness and thus, I blame you :)I wish I had the veto power that you bestowed upon me. If I did have the power, you bet I would probably veto a few of these freezing races, but the truth is, I guess would rather he do them and get them out of his system rather than have the desire build up and then he wants to do Everest or something (or at least that's what I tell myself). Everest is a no. I told him he can do Everest if we all die before he does... And the biking up Everest thing is funny because we JUST had a conversation that included Chris saying "I'd like to do Everest with a bike approach" -- haha. At that point I think I either gave him an inappropriate finger or some other equally awesome verbal reply. My trick is to take it day-by-day and be happy that today is not the day that I send him into the freezing wilderness or the burning sand. Or sniper fire. Whatever comes first.

Dave, Scott, Erik, Bill, and all other random bikers that read his blog...seriously, stop encouraging him :)

Chris, don't get discouraged. You rock. We all know it. We all just secretly wish we were as cool as you. In fact, you are Becky's hero.

I love you all and goodnight.

Monday, November 13, 2006

"Know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em"

I consider myself a fairly intelligent and somewhat talented person. When I was little, I got bored of watching my brothers fumble around trying to learn how to ride bikes so I went next door, got a bike from a friend, and rode up on it and everyone was stunned that I could teach myself to ride a bike in 2 minutes when it had taken my siblings months... I used to play piano decently by ear until my parents got me some creepy piano teacher and I refused to touch a piano after that... I was on the Deans List through high school and graduated with honors... I was the only one of my siblings to graduate college in 4 years (basically with two degrees), and that was staying an extra semester so I wouldn't have to slam myself the rest of the time... I've learned to rock climb, mountain bike, fix cars, race cars and knit... I had secured a great teaching job, was married, bought a house, and had a dog by the time I was 23... BUT...

I also do the stupidest stuff -- I screw up EasyMac (everytime I make it)... I screw up Shake and Pour Pancakes (add water, shake, pour -- not that difficult)... and I manage to hurt myself taking a nap on the couch. It's been a painful day. Time for more Advil and more staying in one position and not moving. How can a generally smart person be such an idiot sometimes? Hmmm...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"You work at a smile and you go for a ride"

I've been riding my cool new bike almost every night, chasing the sunset and trying to squeeze every last moment out of the light. Chris and I have been riding over to the dirt trail right by our house (we picked the best place to live) and just practicing basic mountain biking skills. I love getting to do the same stupid bump over and over and over again because I actually feel successful and feel like I am making some progress. It's a nice way to burn off a little steam at the end of the day, while at the same time spending time with the best husband in the world and getting to ride your favorite bike in the world. Here are some pics from our ride the other night (with Chris taking a few moments out of trucking along on "Fatty Plugsko" to take a few pics)

Off to the knitting store (Shuttles Spindles and Skeins in Boulder -- the best knitting shop EVER) to get some longer size 8 needles for my baby sweater. I finished the back and now am going to be working on the two front sides and then the sleeves and then the hood. We'll see how it all comes together. It's cute and teeny tiny (for 3-6 month old), and I'm super excited to put it in my stash for a future baby. The stash is growing and now we just need a baby to put in the cute knit-wear :) I hope that this time next year I'll have a good excuse to eat even more Turkey at Thanksgiving. Yum, turkey...