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"A good wife is her husband's biggest fan -- no matter how crazy he is." ~Me

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A comment on "Kick It"

This was a comment I typed up in response to Chris's "Kick It" blog and his dad's subsequent comment/letter to me... I typed it up and realized that's a really long comment. So I spun it off into my own blog. Woohoo!

Chris, you are talented. I trust you in these crazy races. Although I, and the rest of your family, don't get whole-heartedly psyched about sending you out into the abyss of races that you want to do... we do all believe in you. I will always be here when you get back and I will always do my best to not cry hysterically every time you think of a fun new one to try. You have an adventurous personality, and I love that about you. I see you research on the internet ALL THE TIME on ways to keep yourself safe and healthy on the races that you always promise me are "not this year!" We wouldn't be your family if we didn't try to discourage you from anything that might harm you. I, for one, would love to get one of those little kid leashes and stick it on you and carry you around with me at all times and call you my squishy. That would be schweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Unfortunately you're an adult sized human being and they don't make those yet. I guess I could always try Turbo's shock collar though!

Todd, I have to remind you that you took credit for his craziness and thus, I blame you :)I wish I had the veto power that you bestowed upon me. If I did have the power, you bet I would probably veto a few of these freezing races, but the truth is, I guess would rather he do them and get them out of his system rather than have the desire build up and then he wants to do Everest or something (or at least that's what I tell myself). Everest is a no. I told him he can do Everest if we all die before he does... And the biking up Everest thing is funny because we JUST had a conversation that included Chris saying "I'd like to do Everest with a bike approach" -- haha. At that point I think I either gave him an inappropriate finger or some other equally awesome verbal reply. My trick is to take it day-by-day and be happy that today is not the day that I send him into the freezing wilderness or the burning sand. Or sniper fire. Whatever comes first.

Dave, Scott, Erik, Bill, and all other random bikers that read his blog...seriously, stop encouraging him :)

Chris, don't get discouraged. You rock. We all know it. We all just secretly wish we were as cool as you. In fact, you are Becky's hero.

I love you all and goodnight.


Chris said...

Thanks lover, I know you're behind me whether they seem crazy or not and I know you won't always be excited about the risks involved in *some* of the races. We're all a family though and I'll work though everyone's fears as best I can. I do take Marni's and everyone else's comments to heart but that doesn't always mean I'll stay home. After that you'll all just have to love me and wait for me to return. We all take calculated risks everyday but in the end each person chooses for themselves.

Todd Plesko said...

Good Post Marni.

Chris your comment that "we all take calculated risk every day, but in the end each person chooses for himself" is certainly true enough.

What you have not experienced yet is the powerful feeling of love for your child. That love includes such pride in the accomplishments of that child. I certainly feel that for your accomplishments.

Love for ones child also includes a terrifying fear of anything happening to that child.

Over the years I have become very comfortable with your most of adventures and achievements. (Not motorcycles ever) In fact your challenges motivate me every day to try to do some modest version of those exploits. However, as parent you have a gut feeling about the degree of risk, the probability of mishap. When your feeling that the probability of mishap and degree of danger in the risk gets too high, that feeling of love turns to a terror that something might happen to that child. When reading about frost bite, frozen toes, possible lost body parts, it seems too risky against the reward.

Climbing Everest includes an extremely high percentage chance of death even if you are the best at your sport. The probability of lost body parts and amputation from an Everest trip is even higher. The Arrowhead race certainly doesn't have the degree of risk of death, but the risk of damaged body parts seems to high.

Anyway, wait 18 years from now and you will know what I mean when you face similar issues with the young Marni-Chris Pleskos".

Cellarrat said...

Don't mean to cuase any extra stress or anything like that...

I'll try and keep my mouth a little more shut marni...

Marni said...

Dave, I'm teasing you. Chris likes your ideas and challenges. You don't cause any extra stress.

Becky said...

Um, Chris...I fully support your crazy bike antics. But, I would also have to support Marni's "be careful-because we love you" post. But I would have to change it to "be careful-because I live vicariously through your adventures". I'll keep praying for your safety.

Simmons said...

Good post. My fiancee feels pretty much the same way. Not to put fuel on the fire, but I would feel waaaay more worried about riding in bear country than in the freezing cold. Maybe because I've never had experience with the real wilderness out there in Colorado. Just a thought. Guys like Chris and Dave N. inspire me to do more than I ever thought possible. Thank you.

Cellarrat said...

"Dave, I'm teasing you. Chris likes your ideas and challenges. You don't cause any extra stress."

Ok good! =)

Erik said...

Encourage him, are you kidding? I never miss a chance to tell Chris he's nuts. Wait a second...maybe that *is* encouragement in his world... D'oh!