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"A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others." ~Author Unknown

"A good wife is her husband's biggest fan -- no matter how crazy he is." ~Me

"May God give you.. For every storm a rainbow, for every tear a smile, for every care a promise and a blessing in each trial. For every problem life sends, a faithful friend to share, for every sigh a sweet song and an answer for each prayer." ~ Irish Blessing

Sunday, December 14, 2008

More to come...

But for now:

1)  It's freaking cold outside.  -10 right now.  Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

2)  I finally got sick, which sucks, but this time last year I'd almost used up all of my sick days.  I'm happy to have held off the beast this long.

3)  4 DAYS LEFT WITH KIDS!!!!  I just might survive.  But it's looking like an inside recess week.  Key word in previous sentence: might

4)  This snowman is awesome:

Even more awesome was this hillarious manic laugh that accompanied this..."My snowman has a long arm!! AHHHHAHHHAHHHAAAAAA!"  A bit creepy in fact.

5)  LOVE my new coat and blanket from my parents.  Can't wait to get out and use the coat so I can get a good picture!

1 comment:

Fonk said...

As I likely would have said back in my junior high days, that is a WICKED snowman! :)