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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Back in the SSaddle again

Today I rode my single speed again after many many months.
Hubby took many many hours yesterday to put it back together for me (some parts, including the wheels, are shared with my Frankendoo bike which was my primary summer ride). So many hours in fact, that he managed to forget to eat all day. I got home yesterday to a spiffed up, shiny bike ready for me to ride. Unfortunately it was also snowing really hard at the moment, so I had to wait until today to try it out.

I've ridden the trainer ONCE in the last six weeks.

And before that I'd ridden my bike ONCE since Chequamegon.



So today's ride was ultra painful but supremely fun.

After I got over the guilty feeling of being able to go ride outside while hubby is stuck to ride the trainer, I put on a lot of clothes and my new lobster gloves and headed out into the 35 degree weather. Today's destination: the good old dogpark loop by our house. The back area has been closed since June because of the plague (!) but now it is finally open again. I missed it.

We found my lobsters on super sale at Bicycle Village a few months ago. They are awesome. I can safely say, for one of the few times in my life, that my hands were hot. I'm in love.

The single speed was great. I only tried to shift a few times :)

I'm sure I'll get used to it again soon.

The best part about today's ride? For a few minutes there, I actually felt like everything is going to be alright. That's a good feeling.


Cellarrat said...

Great news~!! keep at er maybe you can put the screws to mr. pelsko at least for awhile

Joel White said...

Good on you Marni! It really was nice out on the trails this morning, gotta get it while you can.

Chris said...

Nice job. Hopefully I can start dog park rides and the crappy weather path in a couple weeks ;) Now to get your 2nd rear wheel built up so you can ride both bikes easily.

Ali B. said...

HAppy to hear the gloves work... they are on my wish list! AND, YAY for being back on the bike!!! Good for you!

lin said...


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