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Sunday, September 09, 2007

New Beginnings?

I just want to point out that right now I'm wearing a sweatshirt, bundled in a blanket, and so cold that I just had to close all windows and doors in the house. Fall is a'comin!
Off to a new week of work. Should be quite interesting with lots of good blogging material. Due to the kindergarten class being up to 35 kids right now, there's a VERY good chance that, as of Tuesdayish, I will no longer be a 1st grade teacher but instead I'll be a K/1 teacher (again!).

Having done it before, I 'won' the opportunity to teach a K/1 and give the other English 1st grade teacher some of my kids (including, yes, the very apple of my eye that has been making the first three weeks of school harder than imaginably possible) so that I would have room to fit 9+ new kinders.

It's not *official* yet, but rather just a very good possibility. I, of course, am all for the opportunity to give the apple of my eye to a different teacher (although she is probably also going to end up in a separate school in the end), I've done a K/1 with great success in the past, and LOVE Kindergarteners in general... sooooooo... it could be a good change. It also is going to pose many more problems and complications (like, I'm not sure how I'm going to be teaching math being the only K/1 teacher, hmmmm). So we'll see.

Good thing I'm good at rolling with the punches.

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