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"A good wife is her husband's biggest fan -- no matter how crazy he is." ~Me

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

SPRING BREAK 2008!: Day 1

Well, I'm sitting in Moab in Mondo's cafe waiting for my belgian waffle with strawberries and bananas. Yeah, sweet. Yay for spring break!

Chris left the cozy Hotelement at 5:30 this morning for his White Rim adventure. The weather is currently BEAUTIFUL so part of me wishes I was out there with him. The other part of me is totally psyched to get my belgian waffle. Yum.

The drive in was uneventful, for the most part. We stopped at Village Inn in Silverthorne for burgers/sandwiches and pie. Mmmmm, pie. Then we drove on to Moab and tried to keep each other awake since it was WAY past our new 9:00 bedtime. I took over the driving inside of Utah while Chris napped. I woke him up when we turned into Canyonlands so I wouldn't get us lost. The eventful part of the trip happened when some HUGE cows decided to be in the middle of the road (tan cows and black cows -- not easy to to see) so there ensued a 65 mph to 20 swerve and screaming. Nice. Luckily we didn't hit the cows. And today, driving into town, I passed the gigantic herd of cows and stopped and took some pictures. They were seriously cute, I'm glad I didn't hit one. That would not be a good start to SPRING BREAK 2008! I'll have to download the pictures at some point. They were even mooing. Last night's stay on the air mattress in the hotelement was perfect. So comfy and wonderful that it even took Chris an extra hour and a half to get up and start riding.

I can't believe we're actually out on vacation. Assuming Chris returns as scheduled between 2-6, this will be an awesome start to the vacation. The red rocks and sand are beautiful as always and this waffle in my mouth is delectable. Now the big decision: What do I order for us to have for lunch when Chris returns? Hmmm?


Cellarrat said...

Nice! Man I can't wait for my spring break to start!

Becky said...

Yeah for Spring Break! I'm so glad that you guys were able to go on a vacation, and that it's started out well. Ihope that the rest goes just as well, and that all of your meals are as tasty as the waffle that I'm now craving!

ryan young said...

I'll let you know when spring comes 'round these here parts and then maybe I'l get a break from all this spring dandruff.