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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Captured Moments

As I've started to look back at 2007, I noticed that we (me, hubby, or various friends) took some pretty great "accidentally awesome" pictures from our many '07 adventures.  In no order, here are some of my favorites:

24 Hours of Moab -- Chris's dad and I worked hard on the whole "crew on the fly" concept and this picture shows the setup in action.  Dad2's intensity is something to aspire to.  

Fall Fruita trip.  Wheeeeeeeee!  Thanks again for the picture, Scott!
Grand Loop Christopher.  I don't think he intended the road to be so perfectly framed in his glasses, but it looks so deliciously artsy that I love it.  Also, the face exactly depicts his experience as well as my own trying to find him in the middle of the night in Bedrock.
Spring Rim Ride finish.  In 2006, my favorite picture was of Chris finishing Leadville with a huge childish grin on his face.  This has to be my favorite of 2007.  Another random shot from the camera towards the finisher with extraordinary results.  I love that look and hope I see it many more times in 2008. 
Random fall walk by the Prairie Dogs.  He may be three, but Turbo still looks and acts like a puppy.  I cannot believe how much I love this dog.
Cherry Creek Time Trials -- "let's push Jeanie into the rushing river across the road".  I still can't believe Chris caught this shot.  With the intention of showing us all riding through the flooded street in our time trial garb, he happened to catch Melissa tipping into me, me tipping into Jeanie, and Jeanie luckily not crashing into the river.  Heheheee...  
Mt. Democrat anniversary climb.  In an attempt to get one of our many summit shots, Chris happened to catch the nice weather to his left and the charging block of clouds to his right.  My head just happens to be the perfect splitting point!
24 Hours of Moab -- The stampede that is the beginning of the race looks like a cloud of dust from my position behind about three rows of screaming, cow-bell ringing people.  Luckily for me, those people decided to walk away just in time for me to hold up my camera and take a picture of the stampede.  When I got back to the pit and looked at the picture, look who happened to be the star.  I couldn't have timed that more perfectly had I tried.
So there you have it, my favorite "accidental" pictures of the year.  There are a million more posed shots, action shots, and nature pictures that filled up our iphoto in 2007.  I'll bring those out as December winds down.  

6 more days until Christmas!


Becky said...

Great Pics Marni! I tend to like the accidental genius much more than the posed pictures, and you guys got some good ones this year. I'm glad that you both are safe despite the numerous close calls and that 2008 looks to hold many more accidentally perfect pics.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the great pix. I enjoyed them!