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"A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others." ~Author Unknown

"A good wife is her husband's biggest fan -- no matter how crazy he is." ~Me

"May God give you.. For every storm a rainbow, for every tear a smile, for every care a promise and a blessing in each trial. For every problem life sends, a faithful friend to share, for every sigh a sweet song and an answer for each prayer." ~ Irish Blessing

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Take that...

Today Chris woke up early early to go on another epic Saturday ride. After a restless night's sleep (due to super bizarre dreams), I ended up "sleeping" (aka, flip 'n flopping) until about 11. When I woke up, I had intentions to ride, but then realized I had a bunch of other things I also wanted to do with my day. The weather seemed pretty nice and I've been wanting to wash the car, walk the dog, and do a little 'spring cleaning' around the house. In addition to those little chores, I have some birthday-present-related-activities to do for a certain someone's birthday on Tuesday.

However, I told Chris I would ride today.

Sooooo, I had three options:
1) Ride
2) Lie to myself and him and say I rode (really lame, I know, but I surely considered it)
3) Ride the trainer after doing all of my other chores while the weather was nice

So I took the dog for a walk. Then decided it was way too nice to pass up an actual ride outside. I put on my clothes and knee warmers, and fully intended to take the road bike out on a little spin around the neighborhoods for an hour. That way I'd feel like I rode, and it wouldn't be on the trainer. As I got all ready, I realized that my matchymatchyness has reached near vomitable proportions with the new team kit. My road shoes and helmet match the new shorts and jersey so much that you'd think I'd planned it. I intend to take pictures to prove it too you soon. For now I'm too lazy.

I took the road bike off the trainer and tried to put some air in the tires. That ended in my front tire being totally flat and a bike pump flying across the kitchen in frustration. Soooo, I put on my mountain shoes (less matchymatchy) and I headed out on the Fuel.

The weather was beautiful. Perfect actually. It's hard to imagine that it's supposed to get retardedly cold again tomorrow. Boo. Anyway, I felt good so I changed my plan from easy spin to actual training mission. I headed through the neighborhood paths up to the monster hill on Simms by our house. This hill has humbled me even on a road bike in perfect conditions.

Today I decided to heave my heavy mountain bike up the hill into a monster headwind.


In my middle ring.

For fun.

I went up once, and it went ok. My legs felt good. The wind sucked. My leftover sickiness was coming up my lungs. Lovely. I watched a herd of Chipotle boys head down the hill on their fancyschmancy bikes and none of the 20ish even bothered to throw a smile or nod my way -- they were acting quite "roadie" -- which, of course, tweeked my competitive streak. I decided they probably hadn't gone up this hill, and definitely not twice, so when I hit the top and took a swig of water, I quickly headed back down only to turn around and do it again.

Take that snooty roadie boys.

The second time up actually felt easier. When I reached the top I pondered doing it a third time, but decided to leave the activity with my interest still in tact so as to be more likely to come out and try again soon. Once I get the computer on my bike fixed, I'd like to start timing myself up the hill and work on holding a decent increasing pace. When I get sick of that hill, I'll start working on The Wall. Hopefully those types of workouts will help me out on the painful hill in the time trial course and then help with the Hill Climb in June.

When I came down, I headed up the smaller hill on the other side by the dog park, and then turned into the neighborhoods and cruised home. It was a good ride.

I'm glad I chose option 1.

P.S: I'm quite glad it's the weekend. Because of President's Day and upcoming conferences, I have Monday AND Tuesday off for a much needed not-sick four day weekend. The kids were unbelievably crazy this week due to Valentine's Day, Picture Day, Pajama Day, and the dramatic swings in weather lately. Here are two funny kid quotes from yesterday:
"My mom says when she gets more money we're going to get a Boxer dog and a Petbull" -- hehe, pet bull.
"We need to brush our teeth after eating so much candy so we don't get gravities" -- hehe, gravities.
They may be crazy, but kids sure are funny sometimes.


Becky said...

Way to go marni

The re-awakening of an Athlete said...

So, if I do not wave, nod, say hi, smile then I too would be classified as a "snooty roadie?"

Hmmmm. Interesting topic that I may have to address on my blog since I do none of the above.

I do not say hi, nod, wave, smile, or whatever when riding to anyone. Unless I am required too.

I do enough that motions in my life off the bike. When I am on a bike it is all about me and no one else.

So, in case you see me alone and I ride by without so much as an acknowledgement don't take it as me being snooty - I am just being me.

By the way, nice blog so far from what I read.