Words to live by...

"A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others." ~Author Unknown

"A good wife is her husband's biggest fan -- no matter how crazy he is." ~Me

"May God give you.. For every storm a rainbow, for every tear a smile, for every care a promise and a blessing in each trial. For every problem life sends, a faithful friend to share, for every sigh a sweet song and an answer for each prayer." ~ Irish Blessing

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Healthy Release? Hmmm?

Right now my husband, who I couldn't be happier to have home, is venting his pent up frustration by ramming a cyber-car in an XBox rally game until it is no longer recognizable as a car.

His poor little rally Ford Focus no longer has doors, bumpers, hood, windows, or much of a hatch.

From his sneaky little giggles, I think it is helping, somehow.

We haven't played this game in years... but I think he made a good choice.

We did the hateful task of car shopping yesterday in case the insurance company calls the E totaled in our favor tomorrow. Neither of us want a new car, but it's the best solution to the problem. Getting a new car is always fun though. Right?

I've had a fever for three days. It went away a bit today but seems to now have come back. Can the flu be stress induced? Seems to be ridiculously terrible timing.

Today my parents cheered up the outlook on life by bringing us an awesome new microwave! We've (mainly I've) always hated the microwave that came with the house. They happened to score a $700 microwave for less than a $100 today. It's awesome and the install will be complete very soon. It was a gesture that was by no means necessary, but greatly appreciated. A little bright spot after an absurdly crappy weekend (other than having hubby home safe and sound, and getting to relax and watch a lot of movies with him -- that part was great).

Tomorrow is another day...


trio25 said...

The body just tend to react to stress like that! Glad he is okay and home. trio x

Meredith said...

Just be glad he has a Virtual rally car to take it out on... I don't think U-Haul would have been very happy with the alternative :)