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Monday, March 23, 2009

SPRING BREAK 2009! Days 1 and 2


Just had to get that out there!

Despite my feelings leading up to this week, I did, in fact, survive long enough to see spring break this year.  Let's just say, I've come to the conclusion that I have, overall, my most difficult group of kids yet -- and that's saying a lot because I've had chair throwers, a girl who would bolt from the building randomly, severely emotionally disturbed kids, and the list could go on and on and on.  

I'm happy to be away for a week.  To say the least.

So here I am, Monday morning, NOT at work (WOOHOOO!), sitting in the Red Rock Bakery and Cafe.  I'm more than a bit sad that Mondos apparently has gone under, but this is an okay substitute.  At least the hot chocolate is half decent.  

Spring break so far?  


We had a leisurely drive in on Saturday, meeting up with Brett, Jeremy, and Chris for a smoothie before they went in search of a nap and we went in search of some rock climbing.  A few hours of 5.7 desert climbing on Wall Street was just what our cooped up bones needed.  Some fellow climbers saw the back of our Element and dropped their jaws in amazement that "those two people have four bikes, climbing stuff, camping stuff, and everything shoved in there."  Yep, we're pretty awesome.

After climbing, we had a LONG wait for dinner at the brewery and then went in search of a good camp spot.  Eventually we settled in for the night and were amazed at how absolutely warm the night was.  For once, I actually unzipped my sleeping bag and didn't sleep in my down jacket.  That never happens in Colorado.

We woke up early Sunday morning, packed up camp, and hit up the Love Muffin for some delicious breakfast.  Last year I scored an awesome pumpkin-chocolate chip muffin from here, couldn't wait to eat it, only to have Turbo eat it while I stepped out of the car for a minute. Luckily they had more, and the year's wait was well worth it.  YUM!  After breakfast, we met up with the boys at the Slickrock parking lot for a ride.  The weather was still fairly warm, but very very windy.  I thought we left Westminster to get away from the spring wind?  

Slickrock is a one-of-a-kind trail.  At least in Colorado, you can never ride 11 miles of rock.  The first time I rode this trail two years ago, I told myself I wouldn't be sad if I never rode it again. Last Spring Break, I rode it again with Dave C and the crew.  Afterwards, I told myself that I wouldn't be sad if I never rode it again.  So here I was, riding it again.  Only this time, I didn't have my squishy full suspension Fuel with lots of gears... I rode my only rideable mountain bike that I own right now -- the rigid single speed.  I knew there'd be lots of walking.  And I was right.  Lots.  

It's hard to not get discouraged when you have to walk almost all of the ups on a very up-and-down trail.  I did, however, notice that I could attack the downhills with far less fear and anxiety than ever before.  The 29er was awesome and when the ups allowed for some good momentum or weren't too long, the single wasn't toooooo bad.  The rigid made the least difference, often feeling smoother than my full suspension ever did.  I did have a few incidents of my chain coming off on the uphills, causing me to slam to the handlebars, leaving my shoulders in quite a bit of pain today.  Chris, Brett, Jeremy, and the other Chris did a great job on the trail and I was clearly the anchor in this group as usual.  

It was great to be out and riding though, and despite the crazy wind the whole way, it sure beats the riding weather out in Colorado right now!

After riding, we got some food (which my post-ride stomach wouldn't allow me to eat), and the working folk headed back to Denver (haha, suckers).  Chris and I drove back to Wall Street and he explored while I took a nap in the car.  Eventually Chris got in a bit of climbing, while I belayed from the car, and we headed to camp.  We had a nice camp dinner and read some books in the Hotelement last night before turning in.  

Today, Chris is out riding Porcupine Rim while I sit here drinking my hot chocolate and catching up on the outside world.  I managed to pay for a shower this morning, making me feel much more human, but no less sore.  The weather today is supposed to be iffy, so we may just bum around town in search of Chris's next pair of climbing shoes... but we'll see.

The great thing about SPRING BREAK 2009!... there's a heck of a lot of relaxing to be had in this beautiful place and lots of time to do it in.     


Chris said...

Spring Break 2009 WOOOHOOO!!!

Becky said...

Love the pictures Marni! And, as always, I love living vicariously through you're experiences. It looks like you're out having a much needed vacation! I'm glad you were able to get away for a bit

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