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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SPRING BREAK 2009! Days 3 and 4

No pictures for now, as I'm too lazy to upload them, but plenty of fun has been had over the last two days!

Yesterday ended not raining as we thought it would, but we still ended up taking things pretty relaxed. Chris rode Porcupine Rim in the morning, while I sat at the coffee shop and caught up on life over the internet, wallowing over my soreness. When Chris got back, we searched for (and finally bought!) Chris's new climbing shoes. Of course after buying climbing shoes, you have to get ice cream and then actually go climbing! We hit up the Schoolroom Slabs on Wall Street again, only this time it didn't seem as easy as our previous experience out there. I was psyching myself out, and stood virtually paralyzed on the side of the slab for so long that Chris finally starting pulling the rope in an attempt to make me so uncomfortable that I'd have to move. I eventually made it up the relatively easy line, and after some complaining and whining, Chris moved the rope to a new anchor. This time I climbed a little better, not stopping to cry as on previous pitches. We climbed several different areas, Chris even making it up a really difficult looking roof with relative ease.

After climbing we met up with UltraRob for some delicious Pasta Jay's. It's always great to catch up with blog-friends and it was really fun to listen to his RAAM stories. With full bellies, we hit up a pretty good camping spot in Sandflats. We are getting really good at arranging and rearranging the packed car to fit our air mattress sleep system. The last few nights have been quite windy and cold, leaving us sleeping in the car rather than in our nice tent. I'm enjoying camping, but also looking quite forward to our hotel room Thursday!

This morning we had some great breakfast at the Love Muffin and met up with Fred, Pete B, and Pete's friend. Chris took off on a day-long adventure with the enduronuts, while I headed over to a nice parking lot nap before going on my own ride. I rode from town up the old highway (a cracked old road that's no longer in use) and then around the Bar M trail. Chris and I explored the Bar M area last Spring Break, and I wanted to go back. This time I avoided the slickrock-ish trails that venture from the main trail and just stuck to the loop. What an awesome trail! It was way better marked than last year and a good mix of dirt trail and interesting rocks. In all, I rode about 20 miles, before searching the town's streets for free internet. I finally found some and then I proceeded to wait several hours for Chris to get back. He seems to have had a great ride with the boys.

Now I sit outside my new-found shower place while Chris cleans up (did I mention that I LOVE showers?), then we are off to find food and then our campsite for the night. Tomorrow's plan is to ride road bikes through Arches National Park, more eating, more showering, and most likely more napping. Thursday looks a bit rainy and icky, so perhaps we'll be seeing a movie and settling in nicely to our hotel room.

Ahhhh, spring break. There's nothing quite like it.

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Vito said...


Cheq is a fabulous race. The course is perfect for a ss. If I get in this will be my first on a single speed. My fingers are crossed and hoping for the best.

Look forward to seeing you there.