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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Adios, Blooby...


Back in October 2006, Chris bought me my very first "new to me" mountain bike.  We had searched and searched for a WSD Fuel and found one at Veloswap that seemed perfect.  Going from a hand-me-down Cannondale from my brother to my very own girl bike was awesome.  I learned to really "ride" on that bike.  I bashed into stuff, dropped it on the ground, and slowly learned to let go of the brakes on downhills.  I raced my first cross country races, my first downhill race, rode the Kokopelli unsupported in three days, and rode the White Rim for the first time in 1.5 days (which was, in the end, its farewell ride).  The bike rode countless times in Colorado, Utah, and Missouri.  It really was a great bike.  However, over time, I came to realize that it was slightly too small.  I also came to realize that it was slightly too heavy.  When introduced to the world of 29ers, I also realized that its wheels were just too small.  

After posting it up for sale this winter, then again this spring, Blooby was finally sold to a new owner a few weeks ago.  By the time it was sold, it hardly looked like my bike anymore, with its long stem, skinny handlebars, aero-bunny, and blue SLR stripped off.  I didn't meet its new owner, and I'm glad I don't know what the new rider looks like.  I know, I know, it's a bike.  But still.  It was MY bike.  

As a good replacement, Chris had been looking at several different 29er hardtail options. Today we went to pick up a "surprise" and look what I got!! 

Oooh lah lah!!!!

I had no idea he had ordered me a frame (or even narrowed down the options), so it was an awesome surprise.  Chris, knowing me quite well, added to the excitement and fun of getting a new bike by eliminating the necessity of me actually choosing which bike to get.  I hate decisions.  I especially hate BIG decisions.  

I absolutely love the frame he chose... a VooDoo Aizan in Silver.  Our friend Jeny has one in gold and she seems to love it!  

Currently, Chris is stripping the headset out of my first Cannondale, my new Reba from the singlespeed, the brakes from the Monocog, my handlebars from my Fuel pile, the derailleur from Chris's old Fuel, the SLR from my road bike, and an old seatpost from something so old we can't remember :) (oh yeah, it will also be borrowing wheels from the singlespeed and getting a "new" wheel made from the parts from Chris's JabberWocky blown wheel and parts from a Monocog wheel!)  It has some good love in its parts, which to me, makes it even better.  Eventually some of these parts will be upgraded, but I like knowing it is a bit of a Frankenstein. 

Can't wait to take Frankendoo out on its maiden voyage!  


Cellarrat said...


Fonk said...

I think an anonymous buyer is definitely best. I joined the 29er world this past year, and as such, sold my old Specialized StumpJumper (had from 2000-2008) to a friend of mine. He's using it more for around-town riding then real mountain biking, which is fine. But a couple months back he told me he had to put a new chain on it, and when I asked which kind he got (assuming the answer would be Shimano or SRAM), he said, "I dunno, something I got at Wal-Mart." Oh, how I cringed! Not on my baby!!! I know, I know - it's just a bike, but still....

JenyJo said...

OH WOW!!! It comes in SILVER!!!! I'm straight up JEALOUS!! What a beautiful frame!! You really are going to love this bike.... What size did you get?

Let me know if you want to get our VooDoo Ponies together for a ride -- we could go ride MM or something out there, I'd love to come to Boulder to ride sometime.

Congratulations! I'm sooooo excited for you!

ps: damn-dayum pretty!!!!

Chris said...

Wait until the QBP order comes in, then it's going to be prettier!

epicrides said...

i like the color. almost makes it look ti.

LyndaW said...

Luvly frame :-) I have a Voodoo pony too. Mine is the Zaka which is the 29er Ti frams - looooooove it.