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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Harold's New Duds

Last night, Harold the road bike got some new duds. In a search for some super cheap aerobars to try during the time trial series that starts tomorrow, Chris and I left Performance defeated. In a lame attempt to find something else cheap, we stopped by Bicycle Village. We looked in the tri section and found ridiculously overpriced aerobars and then Chris had a genius idea -- the clearance bin! Whenever Chris says "holy crap, it's your lucky day" I get very happy. He found a pair of aerobars that are usually $150 under the clearance section for $50. YES! In the process, we had to look for a new stem to switch my regular sized bars after which this story gets much more entertaining. A summary of the conversation between Bicycle Village Mechanic (BVM) and Chris (C) is as follows:

C: Do you have any cheap stems for a road bike that aren't for oversized bars?
BVM: Well, we might have one, but why wouldn't you want it for oversized bars?
C: I don't like oversized bars and want to switch Marni's bike to regular sized bars and put these aerobars on it.
BVM: Oversized bars are the latest and greatest invention, why would you ever want to switch back?
C: I don't like oversized bars and want to switch.
BVM: Oversized bars are much stronger...blahblahblahblah...far superior than regular bars
C: I disagree, I've run regular sized bars forever and they've been great. I'd rather all of our bikes have the same set-up
BVM: You are retarded. Oversized bars are great, you'll never be able to find things to fit regular sized bars in a few years.
C: I disagree. I like the regular bars, I know plenty of other people that prefer the regular bars and you'll still be able to find parts in the future -- maybe not in this shop, but definetely other places.
BVM: I just have to warn you so you don't come back in 3 years complaining that you can't find parts to fit the other bars.
C: Fair enough, I just prefer the other size.
BVM: Well, I'll remember you. You are the ONLY person I have EVER met who doesn't prefer the oversized bars.
C (personally the best comeback I've ever heard him come up with on the spot): Well, I'm probably the fastest person you've ever met, so...

Haha. It was hillarious. The mechanic wouldn't drop it. The boy has some weird emotional attachment to oversized bars for sure. We laughed for a good while about that. Needless to say, we walked away with the bars but no stem. We'll go back to Performance for that. I'm looking forward to my race tomorrow with no aerobars and then racing next week with them to see the difference. Did I mention I also got some sweet bright pink bar tape too? Harold is going to look GREAT when we're done with him. Pictures will come when it's all put together. Wish me luck tomorrow. I'm hoping I don't end up crying into the wind.

p.s. pre-baby-doctor appointment today was a lot of fun. I now have a bag full of a variety of pre-natal vitamins to start choosing from. I feel like a little kid picking out of my Halloween bag. We'll see what happens over the next few months.


Chris said...

Should be an exciting next couple months huh? :)

Hopefully I'm not crying in the wind tomorrow either. Perhaps I should have ridden the TT bike since oh I dunno, last May?

ryan young said...

So Marni, are you saying Chris doesn't like oversized bars. That's odd. Everbody's using them.

bill said...

That story was heeelarious. Are the prenatal vitamins going to make you the other fastest person any of us have met?

Marni said...

Bill -- That's what I'm hoping for! Dang, should've asked for the ones with steroids in them...

Cellarrat said...

Wonder if something else wasn't over sized ;)

Did you guys get the right stem I can look in a few shops parts bins...

I know you kicked some but tonight sorry I couldn't come cheer!